Portfolio Requirements

1. At least 5 pages, divided into categories (for example, coil, pinch, slab, other).

2. An interesting and well organized homepage. The homepage is the first thing that people see, so it should be interesting. It should also tell the viewer the reason for the site. It should be obvious to the viewer the site is a portfolio.

2. One page needs to be a profile page that tells about you "the artist". DO NOT include any personal information about where you live, phone number, or similar. Just include information about you as an artist. You may want to include a photograph of yourself as well.

3. Each page should include:
  • A proper heading
  • Thumbnails of each piece artwork
  • Thumbnails should link to larger images of the work
  • Each thumbnail should have a description above or below it

4. All artwork that you have created in my class should be represented. If you have other art classes, you may want to incorporate artwork from those classes into your wiki also.

5. Creativity counts! Be creative with your headings. Change the look and feel of your wiki. You want people to look at your portfolio, therefore it should be interesting. The way you set up your pages should be interesting and pleasing to the eye.

6. Organization counts! Try to have your pages arranged logically and easy for the viewer to understand and navigate.