About the Artist

Jen Gorlewski was born and raised in Rockford, Illinois. She received her undergraduate degree at Illnois State University in Art Education. The artist has been teaching since 2003, in Illnois previously, and currently in South Carolina. Gorlewski has experiencing teaching a variety of media, including photography, ceramics, art foundations, and graphic design.

During Gorlewski's early years, she mostly worked with 2-dimensional media. She didn't start painting until her senior year in high school, when she discovered she loved painting despite her fears. She began expanding her knowledge of different art forms in college, beginning with ceramics. It was at ISU that she discovered her love of ceramics. To this day, clay is one of her favorite media to work with. Gorlewski graduated with honors in 2003, which began her teaching career.

Most of her artwork relates to or is inspired by nature. Gorlewski enjoys gardening which influences her artwork. Most of the photographs and several of the paintings are of flowers grown in her garden. Gorlewski is also concerned with the environment and perserving what is left of the environment.
Gorlewski is currently persuing a Masters in Educational Technology at the University of South Carolina. Her teaching career and education often occupies most of her spare time, leaving very few moments to create artwork. Her current area involves jewelry and bead making, which is perhaps more of a hobby.

For more information email Jen Gorlewski.